Saturday, July 3, 2010


In d end I was alone on dat dark road
A shadow was my company
Dats all I had in my hold
As it grew dark n smoky
Even d shadow was lost in d cold
I was left alone wid words unspoken
Thoughts unexpressed n promises dat wer broken
Moving on the dreaded path
With heart full of painful wrath
Alone in dark I tried to find some mark
So lonely n helpless I was…suddenly my running mind mae a pause
I had started the journey with so many acquainted
So many related and many more for whom I waited
Where are they now….can I go back or these thoughts I should not allow?
Will I ever get to meet my loved ones?
Thinkin about reasons why am I all by my own
I am left just with thots,promises n words to moan
With turmoil n chaos in my mind
I tried to think abt ppl n happenings dat made me feel fine
As time passed by I grew more confident dats its tym to die
I could see d flashback of memories …..of the tyms I used to fly
This road of life is full of adventure n fun…
All the words of wisdom n knowledge now seemed like a pun
Finally as the end of the road arrived
I thought about ppl bcoz of me who cried
Then suddenly flash of lyt struck me
And from all d emotions n boundations of life I got free……………………………..

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  1. ohh..!! good one .. !! seems to be heavy for your age though ..!! I would add something in it ...:)
    once the light struck,
    there flashed the time in my eyes ..
    the moments who took my breath away ..
    the applauds and the victories..
    the dark and the failures ..
    the one who I would die for..
    the people who will die for me ..
    Yes; It was a beautiful journey .. !!
    I would like to come again and again and again ..!!!